Sun shines in a cloudy sky over solar panels

Committed to advancing the energy transition towards a more sustainable future

At Aquila Clean Energy Asia Pacific, we aim to help decarbonise the region’s economy by investing in, developing, constructing and operating clean energy assets. As part of this, we carefully consider which assets we pursue and how they are developed. Additionally, robust ESG management is crucial throughout the entire value chain of our projects and their lifetime.

Being in renewables, we are part of the sustainable solution needed to move forward the region’s clean energy targets, but we do not take our position for granted. We are constantly pushing ourselves to do better and ensure we have the proper tools and processes in place to reach and exceed our environmental and social goals.

Maree Myerscough, COO & General Counsel

Our sustainability plan for project delivery

We take into consideration sustainability and social issues from the outset of the value chain and throughout the entire life cycle of our clean energy projects. This includes creating a Sustainability Plan for Project Delivery (SPPD) that defines and outlines the measures we need to meet the environment’s and local stakeholders’ requirements.

With the SPPD, we track potential risks and opportunities related to our partnerships, the commitments we have made to the environment, how we are promoting sustainability and the local value we are delivering, as well as our reputation and positioning. Ensuring proactive ESG management at both the portfolio and project level from day one, this plan has become an essential guide for our strategy and operations.

Stakeholder engagement process

Throughout our development lifecycle, we ensure that all relevant stakeholders are identified and considered at the appropriate project stages and integrated into the decision-making process. Through transparent dialogue and building long-term relationships, our stakeholder engagement process aims to connect all project stakeholders.

ESG Reports

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we are transparent about our principles, processes, targets and progress where possible. Please find our latest ESG report, our sustainability commitment and our disclosures following the link below.

  • Corporate social responsibility

    We aim to support our colleagues and the local communities where we operate in meaningful ways aligned with our core values.

  • Aquila Group

    Our parent company, Aquila Group, has been managing its own corporate carbon footprint since 2006.